What did chris chan do then why is chris chan trending on twitter ?

Seputarliputan.comWhat did chris chan do then why is chris chan trending on twitter ? Perhaps this is so, the question for most people at this time why this could happen and then make people ask about this information. Let’s find out the explanation in the article we will write below.

Christine Weston a 39-year-old himself known as Chris-Chan and he has become a trending on the internet after no detail about the search for love, which appeared on twitter or the internet. Himself has gained a lot of fame and has been a Youtuber who is popular because he is the creator of the web series.

Yet another thing appeared, her telahh identified as a male initially but, over the years he found identity as a woman. And since it’s her ,get treatment less tasty to make a comic that is filled with controversy and also inappropriate behavior shown by himself.

Then why is chris chan trending on twitter, does it really cause himself known at this time because of the things which we have written above information ? Let’s find out the word through the reading of articles that we write below.

Who is chris chan ?

Who is chris chan

Who is chris chan ? Perhaps this is an appropriate question at this time. As we have written at the beginning of the opening of this article that chris chan real name is Christine Weston, he is currently 39 years old.

He is currently the middle of the popular and information about him much sought after by people to his twitter account page. He has gained a lot of popularity from a Youtuber for himself has created a web series Sonichu.

In 2000, chris chan has released its given the name of Sonichu and his vision is to create a character that will have a feature Pikachu and Sonic The Hedgehog, In 2007, the comic became popular and many diacari by the people.

In the year 2011 in the month of september, he began to claim that he is a Tom**rl. because it was her experience abnormalities and has been declared. His parents did not approve of identity and in 2016 she became a transgender and he also changed his name to Christine.

Why is chris chan trending on twitter ?

Let’s check out the review and a full explanation Why is chris chan’s trending on twitter ? through the reviews contained in the discussion below.

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