New Video Bharatsinh Solanki On Twitter

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New Video Bharatsinh Solanki On Twitter

Bharatsinh Solanki and his wife Reshma Patel have a temporary feud that is quite tense. It is known that a video showing the Congress politician Bharatsinh Solanki

His wife Reshma Patel, and another woman recently appeared before him.

According to reports, Reshma Patel visited the residence unexpectedly and caused quite a stir. It was when a woman was found with Bharatsinh Solanki in d.

The video of the Congress leader recently went viral in the sosil media. Bharatsinh Solanki’s name is the individual featured in the video.

When Reshma Patel got home, she was apparently in a bungalow in Anand.

When he entered his residence, he found that there was a girl present at his place. Reshma Patel fights him and causes a commotion. The entire event has been recorded on video.

The viral Video was allegedly taken by one of the people who accompanied Reshma Patel to her residence.

However, it is not known whether the individual in the viral video is Bharatsinh Solanki who as news there.

However, Reshma Patel and his entourage entered the residence. And having found out that, Reshma Patel grabbed the girl and began to pound her and pull her hair.

Meanwhile, Bharatsinh Solanki seems to have stopped the fight that caused them.

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