Pwani Oil Closes Plant Twitter New Viral

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Pwani Oil Closes Plant Twitter New Viral

Pwani Oil, maker of freshfri, Salit, and Fry Mate cooking oil, temporarily closed its oil production due to lack of raw materials.

This is associated with the challenge of getting dollars to pay suppliers on time.

In the face of fierce competition around the world, the consumer products company claimed Friday that bankers processed only half of the dollar orders needed to pay Malaysian crude palm oil importers.

Retail price of cooking oil (S / L)

Last week, Kenya’s Central Bank Governor Patrick Njoroge dismissed concerns raised by the Kenyan Manufacturers Association.

That the repeated shortage of dollars led to the establishment of parallel exchange rates at which lenders bought and sold, well above the printed official rate.

Supplier requirements are often cash against documentation. So, when they ship the container, they will give us a copy of the documentation, and we have to pay to get the [original] documents to clear the cargo.

He said that the problem has been exacerbated by fierce competition around the world for crude palm oil, which has worsened since Indonesia tightened export laws to prioritize domestic staples.

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